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We are a consultancy company acting as advisors for pharmaceutical businesses in Brazil/LATAM’s market, focused on rare diseases.
ODC aims to liaise companies and people, as well as provide our clients with the best consulting services to guide the decision-making process while doing business in Brazil/LATAM.


Our Team


Over 15 years of experience within the health sector, especially in therapeutic areas related to hematology, nephrology, genetics, oncology, intensive care, and rare diseases. Has occupied managerial positions in companies such as Abbott, Alexion, Hospira, and Shire.


Over 10 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, dealing with clinical research, patient advocacy, access management, diagnostics programs, and pharmacovigilance reports. Has occupied technical and scientific positions at Alexion and Sanofi-Aventis.


Over 25 years of experience dealing with finances, controlling, taxes, VAT, and operations. Has occupied managerial positions in companies such as Abbott, Alexion, and Olympus.


Over 28 years of experience dealing with government affairs, patient advocacy, and logistics within the pharmaceutical industry. Has occupied managerial positions in companies such as Abbott, Genzyme, and Novo Nordisk.


Lawyer with over 20 years of experience dealing with International Contracts, Cyber Law, Digital Compliance, Data Protection, Intellectual Property, and Corporate Law. Has provided services for companies such as Abbvie, Alvarez & Marsal, Amil, KPMG, Novartis, PWC, among others.


Over 25 years of experience dealing with clinical research and studies within phases II, III, and IV, in several areas such as vaccines, diabetes, infectious diseases, hematology, and patient support related to rare diseases. Has worked scientific positions at Alexion, Lilly, and Pfizer.


our values

ODC was created based on values such as credibility, compliance, financial and social responsibility, diversity, time optimization, confidentiality, seriousness, among other cornerstones, focusing on having a transparent relationship with our clients, partners, and service providers, always doing our best to increase patients’ quality of life.


our focus

ODC applies its knowledge, network, and experience to help our clients build their acting strategy in Brazil/LATAM through processes as follows:

• Environmental Assessment
• Clinical Trials
• Market Access
• Geographic Expansion
• Business Operations
• Tax Consulting and Planning
• Regulatory Affairs
• Continued Medical Education
• Patient Advocacy Training
• Compliance and Ethics

Continued Medical Education

actions within specialized field force and scientific events/meetings with the medical community and health institutions. Disease awareness is crucial when dealing with rare diseases and new technologies.

Diagnostics Program

following a good Medical Education project, some diseases need specific approaches towards Diagnostics, which can involve partnerships with hospitals and laboratories, besides the settlement of an individual and dedicated team that will interact with Patient Support, Business Intelligence, and the health professionals involved in patients screening.

Market Access

we keep the best relationship with government agencies, the Health Ministry, PAOs, besides several other private institutions. Therefore, we always act transparently when dealing with our clients, assuring responsibility, loyalty, adaptability to changes, and confidentiality during any public or private bid and/or process.

Patient programs

proper treatment follow-up and patient orientation can always lead to best treatment outcomes, great quality of life to patients and their families, getting the best results out of pharmaceutical products. A totally independent team of health professionals is ready to build a personalized patient program.


different PV regulations and requirements for registered and non-registered products in Brazil. We are able to support or create a PV program that fits local regulations and company procedures.

Compliance & Ethics

The FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) is our main guideline for compliance. We define our rules by combining the FCPA, local regulations, and our partners’ internal rules and regulations. By acting like that, we can guarantee that all of our actions will comply with ethical and legal requirements.

We make sure that everyone involved within our operations have the proper knowledge and agree to comply with all the applicable rules.

Additionally, every decision, even if not overcoming any of the statements of the Compliance guidelines, go through an ethical review, to make sure that each detail will always be patient-oriented, of good faith, and never cause any harm to anyone involved.